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About R&T Group

R&T Group established in 1995 has been providing services in Civil Works/Engineering, Telecommunication, Energy, Distribution, Transport, Management Services, Infrastructure Development and Business/Management Consultancy to a diverse range of demanding local and International clients.

  • We employ qualified and competent staff
  • We operate throughout Albania and Kosovo
  • We undertake diverse and complex projects
  • We are profitable with proven financial stability
  • We are growing our client and activity base year-on-year
  • We pay attention to details and provide genuine value for your money
Our Services
R&T Distribution is the initial sector in R&T Group that started in 1998 with electronic device commerce. Because of experience and good name acquired from this sector, R&T Group..

Today, success depends upon complete solutions integrating technical and economic aspects, upon systems and networks, upon various conditions to be considered


We offer advice, practical hands, support which help our clients in the best grasp of the complexities when converting ideas into completed projects.

IT & Telecommunication
Regarding to the R&T Group IT & Telecommunication activity we have considerable technical experience in providing full assistance for all services and training to the clients
R&T Group is a licensed Company by the Ministry of Culture for restoration works of architectural monuments, in restoration of monuments of architectural heritage.
Civil Aviation
R&T sh.p.k. has a considerable experience in the field of civil aviation. In recent years has successfully completed contracts for supply, maintenance and support for diferrent equipment and services
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Scientific Police
R&T Group is the main supplier in Albania for forensic equipment, including Live Scanners, Portable Devices, Fingerprint&Palmprint Identification System, Ballistic Identification System, servers, etc

R&T sh.p.k. Company is an experienced company in election process. Giving consults and offering hardware & software solutions

Recent Works
We operate in an open and transparent manner. Our Group operates conform ISO Standards and all staff members are ‘Quality Officers’
  • Restoration and reconstruction of Albafilm sh.a

    Restoration and reconstruction of Albafilm sh.a

  • Works on Velipoja pumping station

    Works on Velipoja pumping station

    R&T Group
  • Construction of Border Check Point

    Construction of Border Check Point

    R&T Group
Standards obtained by R&T Group
R&T operates conform ISO standards and it implements and maintains a Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Information Security Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


Quality Management System


Environmental Management System


 Information Security Management System


Ocupational Health and Safety Management System


Road traffic safety


Integrated Management Systems

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