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R&T Distribution was the founding department, which started commercial electronic devices activities in 1998. A good reputation and professional experience acquired from this department enabled R&T Group to establish relations and cooperate with some of the most well-known companies in the electronic equipment production industry.

2001 marked the peak of progress in this sector since the company entered into a partnership with Vodafone, the world leader of mobile telecommunications.
The agreement was aimed at distributing Vodafone products throughout Albania.

Within a very short period, R&T Distribution became one of the most important and distinguished representatives of Vodafone Albania and was ranked among the  top three distributors for this company.

Today, this sector maintains the same reputation and continues to be the leader in this market, offering services and innovations for the customers of Vodafone Albania.

Over the years, R&T Distribution established its own distribution network brand called EDS (Electronic Distribution and Services network) throughout Albania.

R&T Distribution is represented by 23 Vodafone shops and 350 EDS points of sale which are supplied with Vodafone and electronic products. In addition to that, there are 500 other points of sale which we supply with Vodafone products.

R&T Distribution was the first sector distinguished from other companies in the field of mobile phone accessories distribution. In 2006, we launched the first automated physical card devices for sale on the Albanian market. In 2007, R&T Group launched the first prepaid mobile phone card (E-Voucher) onto the Albanian market. In November of that same year (2007) the first sales system of electronic cards (E-Voucher) was implemented through POS, intended for Vodafone Albania.

These achievements resulted from experience gained in this sector and collaboration with specialized, dedicated staff whose vision matched that of R&T Group Board of Directors.

EDS for Vodafone Albania

Elektronik Distribucion and Services Network