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13 January 2013 - 9:33, by , in Sponsorship, Comments off
Presentation of Albanian Air Sports’ Federation’s program ( AASF) and “Air Cadets” for 2013 R & T Group sponsors the activity that will be organized for the presentation of Albanian Air Sports’ Federation’s program (AASF) and “Air Cadets” during 2013. AASF’s program provides details on the time and type of activities that will take place...
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Expo Greek Spring of Culture in Albania is sponsored by R&T Group. The Expo was opened from 19.03.2012 till 06.04.2012.
13 January 2011 - 12:11, by , in Sponsorship, Comments off
Last year Albania Open was organized in Shashica mountain, Vlora. The competition consisted on Accuracy Landing and the winner was Pavle Marinkovic. This year the competition is organized again in Vlora, from 10 -14 of May. For more information please visit http://www.albaniaopen.com
13 January 2010 - 12:10, by , in Sponsorship, Comments off
Lin Delia, the painter that was known in many countries around the world as very talented, in Albania his home land, remained more unseen than a gost. This happened because in the second half of the century, from Albania were gone, among other things, the signs of sky, god and transcedent reallity. Without them, the...
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He has a refined artistic sense with extraordinary creativity and power of observation. He mixes beauty with art so well. He is a magician with a camera and definitely the master of female portraits. His models are so stunning already, but Armandi’s processing turn the image to an impressive treasure with eye catching colors and...
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Ali Oseku është përfaqësues i një momenti esencial në vlerësimin e artit konteporan në Shqipëri, ku përpjekjet për një art të ri, ishin më shumë të evidentuara në gjysmën e dytë të shekullit të kaluar. Ali Oseku ishte artisti i cili asnjëherë nuk u përshtat me metodat kreative të Realizmit Socialist. Cfarë përfaqsojnë pikturat e...
13 January 2009 - 12:33, by , in Sponsorship, Comments off
R&T Group sustained and sponsored the publication of the second volume album  “Albania from the air”. This album shows the deserved need of Albania landscapes to be more recognized and evaluated. Albania Alps, archaeological and cultural resources and attractive beaches of our country there are presented in this summary.
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R&T Group sponsored rock concert with Ian Paice & Matt Filippini band. Ian Paice, drummer of legendary band DEEP PURPLE  & Matt Filippini band (Matt Filippini guitar, Alessandro Del Vecchio tastier, Nik Mazzucconi bass guitar, Roberto Tiranti vocal), together with Albanian rock band support of Kosovo Na`, performed for 2 hours in Kalvin Amfitheatre various...
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Sponsored by R&T Festival in BASHTOVA Castle 13-14 June 2009 Art World music Modern dance Movies screenings Electronic music
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In 2009 R&T Group sponsored Rally Albania. It is an off-road rally open to bikes, quads and cars with seven days of competition in a difficult relief, between each other on time basis. Duration: 7 June – 13 June 2009